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About the VVCNY Foundation

Founded in 1998 by a group of Vietnam Veterans who wished to find a way to fund programs and activities that promote and advance the greater good of the Vietnam Veteran. Later with the advent of other wars to also, by helping the Vietnam Veteran, it would help those in the wars and conflicts of the present time.

Purpose: To solicit funds and to otherwise engage in such charitable activities to benefit Vietnam Veterans living in the Central New York area. Further said charitable funds are to advance, improve the condition of the Vietnam Veteran, their dependents and the widows, orphans of deceased Veterans in particular Vietnam Veterans. The purpose is also to promote the growth and development, self respect and to eliminate discrimination suffered by Vietnam Veterans by developing lines of communications with the world of public service, business and labor to enhance the Veteranís chance of self-fulfillment.

To bring to the attention of the Veteran Community any changes in the law as regards to how it impacts them and to work in conjunction with the Veteran Services and other Veteran organizations that exist in Central New York on their behalf.

To help fund activities that promote the healing of the War Veteran in particular but not limited to the Vietnam Veteran.

The Foundation will promote scholarship to Vietnam Veterans, the children and grandchildren of those VVA Chapter 103 Veterans that qualify for such scholarships.

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