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The Board of Directors and Contact Information

The Foundation Board meets each January to elect Officers and Board Members. The Board meets quarterly thereafter. The President may convene the Board at any time should urgent requests or needs arise.

Officer       Name       Telephone       E-Mail Address
President       Peter Bronstad            
Vice-President       Robert Quirk            
Treasurer       Charles Tipton       315-451-1628      
Board Member       Alisha Benack            
Board Member       Kelly Benack            
Board Member       Paul Dufault            
Board Member       Ronald Fairbank       315-409-4066      
Board Member       Richard Madden       315-635-2019      
Board Member       William Martin       315-468-5898      
Board Member       Michael O'Hara            
Board Member       Steve VanCamp       315-454-4792      
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Contact Information

Foundation E-Mail Address     

Postal Address
Vietnam Veterans of Central New York Foundation
513 Hanover Avenue
Liverpool, NY 13088-6461

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